Creating Inroads to a Better Future for All Children


Q. Will the Foundation consider proposals that address an area of interest other than helping children of color succeed in school?
A. Not at this time.


Q. What is the Foundation’s application review process?
A. Grant applications received on or before January 15th each year will be reviewed for completeness and applicants will be notified of any missing information by February 1st. Applicants selected for site visits will be notified as soon as possible thereafter and the Foundation will contact them to set up a visit time before April 15th. The Foundation Advisors will meet during April or May and notify applicants of grants awarded on or before May 30th.


Q. If a site visit is requested, what should I expect? What will I need to prepare for your visit?
A. One or more foundation board members will come to your location to observe your program and meet with your staff. Most visits are 1-2 hours in length. You do not need to prepare any additional information unless requested.


Q. If our organization is awarded a grant, what are the reporting requirements and deadlines?
A. The Foundation will provide a report form for the interim report due by March 15 of each year. We ask that Grantees update this information at the end of the program year.


Q. The deadline for applying for renewal funding is in January, but our program year will not be completed until after that date.  May we apply for renewal funding?
A. Yes, organizations funded in the previous fiscal year may re-apply in January even though their program year is not complete and only an interim report has been filed.  Due to our board meeting schedule and review process, we need to receive applications in January in order to make grant decisions in April.


Q. Can we submit more than one grant request proposal per grant cycle?
A. We would prefer to receive only one grant proposal from an organization.  If you are applying individually and as a member of a collaborative, or if you are a member of multiple collaborative applicants, please contact to discuss your applications.


Q. Do you make grants outside of Washington State and New York?
A. Most of our grants are made in Washington State and New York and we give preference to applicants from these areas.  However, we do accept and review applications from organizations located throughout the United States.  If your organization is located outside of Washington or New York, please contact to discuss your application.


Q. Do you fund scholarships or international grants?
A. No, the Foundation does not fund individual scholarships or international grants.


Q. What if I have additional questions or need help preparing my proposal?
A. Contact the Foundation by email to