Creating Inroads to a Better Future for All Children


The Fordham Street Foundation’s grant application process is designed to allow both prospective applicant organizations and the Foundation staff to use their time and resources wisely in the granting process. Please review the Evaluation Criteria to determine your project’s viability for funding. The Foundation seeks to leverage resources wherever possible. Potential grantees should identify opportunities for leverage and partnership. These opportunities could include multiple funding sources or structured interaction among service providers.  Two types of grants are offered:

Sustaining Grants

Each year Fordham Street Foundation will award two Sustaining Grants of up to $65,000 per year for up to three years.   These grants are intended to provide unrestricted support to build grantee capacity, encourage innovation and sustain program quality over the 3-year term.

Current and former grantees only are eligible to apply for sustaining grants. Please contact for information about how to apply for a sustaining grant.

Program Grants

Fordham Street Foundation will award single-year grants of up to $20,000 to support programs helping children of color succeed in school.

Applicants that have not previously been funded by Fordham Street Foundation may only apply for program grants.

Current and former grantees that have been funded in four of the last five years are not eligible to apply for program grants.

Current and former grantees that are eligible to apply to apply for a program grant (i.e. those that have been funded less than four of the last five years) may elect to apply for either a program grant or a sustaining grant, but may not apply for both types of grant in the same year.

Geographic Guidelines

Fordham Street Foundation gives preference to programs located in the states of Washington and New York.  If your program is not located in one of those states, please contact prior to submitting an application.